Untyped at Github

Welcome to the Untyped home page on Github. As you can see, we’re only just getting started. Our code all lives here. This page is currently just for installation instructions.

Please see the README, LICENCE and COPYING files in individual project repositories for terms of use.

How to build Untyped Racket libraries

We have a number of open source libraries for the Racket programming language. Most of our code is available through PLaneT. PLaneT is the preferred way of obtaining and running our code in most cases.

That said, there are some libraries that we haven’t released to PLaneT, and there are some where the code here is a little newer than the latest PLaneT release. If you want to get hold of the latest and greatest version, or you want to hack on our code, this is how to do it:

  1. We use a tool called externals to manage non-PLaneT dependencies between our libraries. Grab this tool first:

        sudo gem install ext
  2. Clone the repository you want to use:

        git clone git://github.com/untyped/unlib.git
  3. Use ext to download any dependencies that aren’t on PLaneT:

        cd unlib ; ext update

    This will create a directory called planetdev and a subdirectory for each dependency.

  4. Use build.ss to compile the code:

        ./build.ss compile

    This will create a local PLaneT cache in a directory called planet containing PLaneT dependencies, and install development links for the libraries in planetdev. The first run of build.ss can take a few minutes to complete.

You may want to set up your shell with the right PLTVERSION and PLTPLANETDIR so you can use racket and raco directly. You can do this by running:

    source `./build.ss envvars`